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Our founder Herman Barentz created Barentz as a knowledge-driven company. This knowledge has a single purpose: creating value for you. Finding new opportunities and conquering new markets is teamwork. Let us become part of your team. Together with our leading principals, our 2,000+ colleagues, entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding facilities, we are able to support you in every step of your product development process – from market research to taste and product development up to test batch production and facilitating local or global production. We are evolving day by day to help you become more successful. Driven by knowledge. Working in partnership.

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7 key reasons why Barentz is the right business partner for you


Easy & direct access to world-class synergistic product portfolio
Easy & direct access to world-class synergistic product portfolio. Access to world-class products from our outstanding principals (we are one phone call away). Our market segment dedicated technical sales teams support you with ingredients and advice suited to your local application.
Business made simple.
We operate locally in every country, with local teams speaking your language and respecting local business cultures. We keep local stock. Use us as one supplier that processes your orders from dozens of principals, all via one contact and one invoice. In your local currency and payment terms.
Local recipe, application & formulation expertise for your needs.
You can always talk with taste, nutrition and fortification specialists for your segment. Customized formulation centers:  Do you need a specific, tailor-made formulation featuring the top-brand ingredients of our principals? We can produce them, supported by one of our 25+ application laboratories around the world.
Local & Global Supply Chain Solutions.
Local & Global Supply Chain Solutions. Powerful supply chain: Local warehouse in every country we operate, harmonized IT: ERP and CRM, and streamlined processes, freeing up resources.
Quality, traceability & sustainability.
Fully implemented QA system and certificates.
We share knowledge in full transparency.
Translation of global/local trends, market-specific seminars, newsletters.
Always a better solution.
Tell us your challenge and we will do our very best to find an answer.
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7 key reasons why Barentz is the right technical sales and marketing partner for you


Easy & direct access to customers from smallest to largest across the globe.
We have over 22.000 active customers and we build long-lasting relationships. (Some have been established for more than 70 years).
Business made simple.
We are focused on medium- and small-sized customers that we serve with passion, so you can focus on your key accounts or key regions. We are your single point of invoicing and bundling of purchase orders, freeing up your organization.
Local recipe, application & formulation expertise for your needs.
We are ambassadors for your brands and products. Our technical sales teams, made up of life science technologists with decades of experience, have a deep understanding of your business and what it offers all market segments. That is how we create value and growth.
Local & Global Supply Chain Solutions.
Powerful supply chain: Local warehouse in every country we operate, harmonized IT: ERP and CRM, and streamlined processes, freeing up resources. We operate with a local warehouse in every country, plus regional hubs, and align with your supply chain and IT.
Quality, traceability & sustainability.
Fully implemented QA system and certifications.
We share knowledge in full transparency.
We know the (business) culture in every country that we operate in, so we can close deals efficiently. We keep you up-to-date and ensure full transparency via Reporting (PMR)/CRM.
Always a better solution.
We offer synergies. Your products most likely work even better (or have more value for the customer) when they interact with other ingredients. We can bring ingredients and brands together, and if the customer asks for it, we can offer customized formulations, supported by our formulation laboratories. Tell us your challenge, and we will do our very best to find an answer.

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Are you interested to discover our ideas about partnership? Please contact Geert Ingelbert directly.


Geert Ingelbert Geert Ingelbert Vice President Corporate Principal Development, New Business Operations and Digitization
Formulation expertise

Supporting every step in product development

Everyone who has ever developed and launched a new product, deeply respects uncertainties. We can help you minimize the risks. We are in touch with the local markets, worldwide. Whether it is about taste, texture or local preferences, we are able to give sound advice.

In our application laboratories on almost all continents our highly competent experts can assist you in developing new products or re-formulating existing products in the life science industries.

Do you need a truly customized ingredients solution? Our customized formulation centres and our sourcing experts are available to talk about your business opportunities and to find better solutions for you.

Our application laboratories

Are you looking for ready-to-use innovations or do you want to speed up your time to local or global markets? The global network of Barentz application laboratories is ready to find the best solutions for you. 


Customized solutions

Our customized formulation centres and sourcing experts

Manufacturing new products or setting up new production lines can be a great effort, including demand for special machinery and staff training. In our Customized Formulation Centres we create, mix and pack ingredients solutions such as compounds and premixes that make your production a lot easier.

taste experiences

Knowledge meets taste

Get access to the excellent Tastelab and team of Tastestrik, a JV of Barentz. Here we can work together on creating exceptional taste experiences for your customers. Contact us if you want to taste the success stories.


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The specialists in cinnamon

Stand out with consistent, unique tastes

Whether you want to stick with traditional favorites, experiment with seasonal or regional variations, or offer your consumers exciting taste innovations, Royal Polak Spices will help you achieve the taste consistency and uniqueness you need to stand out in your market.

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Making taste together

Experience meets passion

60 years of passion-driven experience has taught De Weerd a lot about spices, sourcing, and applications in the food business. To ensure you get the highest quality, we use our experience to identify the best sources for your ingredients.

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Supply chain solutions

From local to regional to global; and vice versa

At Barentz we deliver tailored logistic solutions, that meet your needs, on a local, regional or global level. We offer an extensive supply chain network, with a local warehouse in every country we operate. Some of these warehouses are being used as regional HUBs, which means that our principals can deliver to a central point and we manage the distribution to our local warehouses or to our customers directly.

For products requiring special climatic or safety conditions (e.g. pharmaceuticals) we offer highly specialized warehousing and transportation conditions.

From 24/7 stock management systems to last minute customer requests for next day requirements, our flexible supply chain network structure enables us to offer any solution you want.

Quality assurance

Building trust throughout the entire supply chain

A good solution is characterized by far more than just technical specifications. Safety, quality, reliability, efficiency, traceability, and value are also integral elements. Our supply chain is dedicated to constantly delivering the highest quality in terms of products and processes.

Barentz represents high quality producers whose quality systems are amongst the most advanced in the industry. These quality systems provide us with guarantees that our ingredients are safe. We take an active role in engaging with our suppliers and customers to help them comply with the latest quality standards and applicable regulations.

Being a vital part of the supply chain, Barentz adheres to and implements relevant internationally recognized quality systems, including BRC Agents and Brokers, GMP+ and IPEC-GDP.

We distribute industry-specific certified products, like Organic/Bio/EKO, RSPO, RTRS, DonauSoja or Secure Feed, on request.


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Do you want to know how our Q&A services could support your business? Please contact Henk-Jan Schuuring directly.



Henk-Jan Schuuring Henk-Jan Schuuring Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs

An opportunity to explore your entrepreneurial skills

We are highly interested in experienced people, especially in the areas of application development and technical sales. Join a leading global specialty ingredients solution provider and our growing 2,700-strong global team, which is active in more than 70 countries.


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