The Barentz difference

Pharmaceutical knowledge

Our highly experienced technical scientists are always available to provide formulation advice and information on the selection of the best ingredients for your product application and required functionality.

We offer a number of different excipients specifically designed to facilitate improved drug delivery profiles to overcome drug solubility and bioavailability issues. Our product portfolio also includes a cluster of different ingredients which, when combined, are ideal for the formulation of highly palatable oral dosage forms that overcome the difficulties in swallowing.  

The recent development of some highly robust, durable and multi-functional excipients by our supplier partners is now supporting the current industry vogue towards direct tablet compression and continuous manufacturing processes.

Laboratory facilities

Although the vast majority of our customers do have their own Laboratory facilities, we can offer extra services (Analyzing, filling, tableting, labeling) through our JV partner IMCopharma in the CIS region. Please contact IMCopharma or Paul Woodcock below for more information.

Over in Latin America, our colleagues at Tovani Benzaquen offer a laboratory and an experienced team to support customers inquiries and requests, especially in the development of topical dosage forms and some oral formulations.

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Are you interested to find out how we could support your manufacturing challenges? Please challenge our Technical & Business Development director Paul Woodcock.


Paul Woodcock Paul Woodcock Technical & Business Development Director