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Food and beverages are so much more than nourishment. They enrich our day, body, mind and soul in many ways. They connect people and cultures; past and future. They create meaningful relationships. They put a smile on our faces, and they reward our inner need to explore. By stimulating all our senses and offering perfect nutrition, food and beverages make an impact. We at Barentz are passionate about supporting our business partners in making food and beverages appeal to all senses for global and local tastes – with better taste, aroma, texture, nutrition, fortification and appearance. What opportunities exist for you? Talk with us.

Plant based revolution
Alternative protein sources: soy, pea, wheat, rice, mung bean, fava bean, quinoa, chickpea and more including texturized plant proteins.
Go natural and clean
Clean label, free from, natural colours, natural antioxidants, allergen & GMO-free (IP), organic, vegan, vegetarian, fermented and more.
Wellbeing & immunity
Sugar alternatives, sodium reduction, fat reduction, fortification with vitamins and minerals, extracts and more.
Health claims
Allergen-free, gluten-free, natural, organic, bone health, gut health, brain health, energy and more.
Food foundation
Starches, fibres, emulsifiers, texture and taste, antioxidants, proteins, lecithins and more.
Planetary health
Meat substitutes, protein sources, sustainable ingredients and more.

Always a better solution, ingredient by ingredient.

Acids · Amino acids · Animal proteins · Antioxidants · Binding systems · Caramel · Carbohydrates · Cereals · Food colours · Dairy ingredients · Emulsifiers · Encapsulated · Enzymes · Fats · Fat replacement · Fibres · Flavours · Food acids · Fortification blends · Fruits & vegetables (dried) · Functional solution · Herbs & spices · Hydrocolloids · Inclusions · Lecithin · Malt ingredients · Minerals · Nutraceuticals · Nutritional blends · Oils & fats · Performance blends · Phosphate · Plant proteins · Polyols · Preservatives · Salts · Starches · Sweeteners · Taste enhancers · Toppings · Texturizing systems · Yeast extract · Vitamins

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