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Whether you consider horses and ponies livestock or pets, a well-balanced diet enriched with some of our concepts will bring additional energy and stamina to horses to increase their performance. Broodmares, growing horses and performance horses need different diets, adjusted to their breed and their health. Healthy mares need to give birth to strong foals.

Therefore, perfectly adjusted feed is simply a basic requirement. For performance horses, skeletal health is particularly important. Ask us for tailormade ingredients solutions, including minerals and vitamins.

Ingredients for equine
One of the ingredients we would like to highlight is seaweed. Our seaweed blend is a functional and nutritional ingredient, with high level of polysaccharides that acts as a prebiotic. It is a great supplement for supporting condition and muscles, coat health and hoof quality.

Another ingredient that fits excellent in equine diets are yeasts. Yeast supports the immune system, binds pathogens, supports digestion, improves gut health. It fits into different types of horse feed. We can offer different yeast solutions for several diets.

Important ingredients
Seaweed, amino acids, proteins, yeasts.

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