Unveiling The Kinks To Curls Kit

16th July 2021 - We have completed the ethnic hair care project! So in this weeks blog we will be reviewing the full kit. As the natural hair movement is growing globally, the gap in the market for ethnic hair care products is a gap that many companies have begun focusing their attention towards. As a result we made the decision to put our focus on formulating a product range for those with curly, coily and kinky hair types. This unique hair care kit embraces and celebrates individuality within this hair type, as one size does not fit all for hair.

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Kinks To Curls Products

The hair care products in the kit we’re made to combat the following problems associated with curly to kinky textured hair:

Sebum from the scalp struggles to get down to the tips of the hair due to the curls, resulting in the tips/ bottom half of the hair remaining dry and therefor more prone to breakage.

Where ever the hair turns to make a curl is where there is a greater chance of breakage as that’s where there’s the greatest amount of tension.

Curly/kinky hair does grow, but the growth may not be visible if the rate at which the hair breaks off at the ends is greater than the hair growth from the roots.

Dry and itchy scalp
Wearing protective hairstyles like weaves, wigs and extensions are thought to contribute to a dry itchy scalp.


Detangling Hair Oil

Contains Inolex's silicone alternative Lexfeel N350 MB, as well as Chemyunion's Melscreen Buriti FG and Omega Plus, making it an ideal pre-shampoo treatment. It lubricates the hair during the detangling process ensuring hair length is retained, and reduces the amount of water used to wash the hair as the knots are removed before washing.

Dive Deep Shampoo

Contains very gentle but extremely cleansing surfactants that remove sebum and product build up, whilst also improving hair combability from the inclusion of Cosun's Quatin 680 TQ-D. Ashland's cellulose thickener Natrosol 250 HHR PC functions well to produce a stable high viscosity system in the shampoo.

2-in-1 Hybrid Shampoo

Is for those with dry, fragile or damaged hair as it contains Innospec's mild surfactants Pureact I-85 EC, Pureact GLT and Iselux SLC which is a surfactant perfect for high oil content rinse off formulations. Cosun's Betafib ETD thickens the system and ensures it remains homogeneous. The shampoo's excellent conditioning properties are from the silicone alternative's included, like Lexfeel WOW A from Inolex, which doesn’t accumulate on the hair fibre thereby ensuring the hair doesn’t begin to appear heavy and limp after washing. 

Free The Fro Hair Balm

Includes Inolex’s Emulsense HC which produces an incredibly stable light weight emulsion. It also contains Inolex's castor oil alternative Lexfeel 700 MB which is completely resistant to lipid oxidation, therefore has an extended shelf life. The hair balms main function's to provide moisturisation, and improve hair softness and feel. The hair shine wasn’t a key focus as afro-textured hair doesn’t tend to shine in its natural state due to the way it scatters light. So in this case hair shine couldn’t be used as an indicator of good hair health. 

Scalp Stimulator

is great for promoting hair growth for all hair types. An individual’s curl pattern influences the hairs behavior, and in particular, its resistance to mechanical stress. Very curly hair stretches less under stress, and therefor is more likely to break. So having Inolex’s Aminosensyl HC as an emulsifier that significantly reduces hair breakage by strengthening the hair.

Cultastic Conditioning Spray

Is a moisture locking formulation that functions to hydrate the hair weightlessly. Roquette's BBR ST 720 creates a film on the hair strands reducing the effects of humidity on the hair and ensuring the curl definition is retain. 

Moving Forward

In our next blog series we'll be turning our attention to perimenapausal skin care. It's a segment within the anti-aging market that has begun sparking up interest amongst many companies. With 70%-85% of women in their 30s to 40s suffering from symptoms like flushing/redness associated with perimenopause, this topic is very much worth exploring.