Tanning Facial Moisturiser

A powdery feel cream which builds a gradual tan. Cyclodextrin is used to stabilise the DHA against malodour and discolouration.

Formulation Tanning Facial Moisturiser. #F000055V03

Local Water Aqua 54,34
Local Trisodium Citrate Sodium Citrate 0,33
Roquette Beaute PO 070 Sorbitol 2,50
Roquette Beaute DS 112 Starch Acetate & Hydroxyethylcellulose 3
Roquette Beaute DS146 Cyclodextrin & Sorbitol & Polyglyceryl-3- Diisostearate 5
Natura-tec Natura-tec Grapeseed Oil Vitis Vinifera Seed oil 10
Roquette Beaute CD 110 Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin 6
Merck DHA extra pure Dihydroxyacetone 4
Local Water Aqua 10
Ashland Optiphen 830412 Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol 0,90
Firmenich Flower Explosion 299916 D Parfum 0,55
Roquette Beaute ST005 Zea Mays Starch 3
Vitablend Tocoblend L70 IP Tocopherol (and) Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil 0,1
Local Citric Acid 50% solutoin Citric Acid 0,28


Heat phase A to 55°C and stir until fully disolved. Add phase B and stir at 55°C
until smooth. Stir cool to below 40°C and homogenise for 10 mins minimum then add phase D and homogenise until smooth. 

Premix phase E below 30°C until fully solubilised to complex the DHA. Homogenise in phase E and F until smooth then pH adjust.

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