Meat, fish & poultry

Although meat and fish are very traditional market segments, meat and fish processing are segments that are dynamic and follow general consumer trends, as other market segments. Meat- and fish-processing-based manufacturers are starting to experiment with adding modern and exotic flavors and preparations, and the market is seeing an increasing number of creative products that are inspired from foreign cuisines. Through our principals, we offer a wide product range of spice blends that can be added in the production process to create a diverse variety of the meat- or fish product. Our functional solutions, marinades, coatings and rubs not only improve the flavor and color, but also add functionality in the production process, such as texture, succulence, emulsification and water-holding capacity.


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We offer a realm of taste opportunities for Meat, fish & poultry. Explore more in Savoury world.

Different kinds of savoury meat platters

Functional ingredients

Brine phosphates mixes with excellent solubility and stability.
Solutions for yield improvement and color stability.

A plate of chicken nuggets

Clean label alternatives

Natural flavorings and texture binding.
Stabilizers for improved gel forming in water/protein systems.
Solutions to reduce cooking loss.
Solutions for improved water binding.
Several types of high/low functional vegetable- and animal proteins.
Solutions for restructured meat (alginates, fibers, proteins and phosphates).

Shelf life improvement

Clean label solutions that are based on the natural fermentation of vegetable juices.


Our Meat, fish & poultry ingredients

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