Savoury world

From taste to texture

Around the world, each country has its own preferred flavorings, palate profile, and labeling demands. At our application laboratories worldwide, this specific knowledge is gathered and implemented in local savory food solutions. Barentz is always able to offer a savory solution that matches the profile of your target group, such as clean-label alternatives, nutritional benefits, or specific offerings, like meal replacement or high protein soups for the elderly and sports people.


Tempting inspiration from our application laboratories

Vegan mayonnaise

An egg-free, instant savory solution that is available in different flavor combinations, including BBQ or Texmex, and contains no e-numbers.
Vegan Kebab sauce: ‘Herby White', ‘Spicy Harissa’ or ‘Classic’? Everything is possible.

Egg-free vegan mayonnaise

Snack seasonings

The unique combination of high-quality spices and flavors combined with mono sodium glutamate (MSG)-free flavor enhancers creates our unique range of snack flavorings. Snack seasonings (Asian- and American-style) are applicable to all kind of snacks, including: potato and vegetable chips, popcorn, dried bread crisps and nuts.

A bowl of popcorn

Marinades and glazes

Dry mixes for marinades. Ready taste concepts and tailormade products.

Vegan kebab sauce

‘Herby White`, ‘Spicy Harissa’ or ‘Classic’? Everything is possible.

Coating mixes

Blends of breadcrumbs and spices (including gluten-free batter options).

Spice blends

Different kind of spice and flavor blends available with or without functional components for example meat bouillons, dressings, soups, sauces etc.

Shelf life improvement

Our misocarine range consists of fermented vegetable-juice concentrates that can be used to increase shelf life. As a result of fermentation, natural lactate and acetate is created from sugars, resulting in a clean label solution for savory food.

Our Savoury world ingredients

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