How can we help you?

Are you facing manufacturing issues in your pharma project? Are you struggling with ingredient selection difficulties? Barentz now has a new channel for online technical advice to assist our customers in their formulation challenges.

Our pharma technical support specialists are ready to give advice on:

  • Choice of inactive ingredients
  • Selection of optimum grades
  • Resolution of manufacturing issues
  • Any other formulation issues you may be facing

Let us assist you to take your project further
R&D scientists, formulators and manufacturing teams are welcome to reach out directly to our online team of technical experts with any questions related to the use of our ingredients. Confidential personal contact, using the platform of your choice; digital video platform, a telephone call or via e-mail. You can rest assured that the confidentiality level is as high as all other business interactions between your company and Barentz.  

To make use of this new channel for online technical advice reach out to us through the contact form below which takes you to a contact form that will be directed to our team of technical experts. This is a free,  non-obligatory service in line with our motto: “Always a better solution”.