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Our pharmaceutical product portfolio includes the complete range from Roquette. One streamlined supply chain. One experienced and dedicated Sales Manager for you. One clear invoice. No premium. More and more pharmaceuticals companies in the US are discovering the extraordinary advantages of comprehensive advice and consolidated ordering from Barentz—the global life science ingredients distributor—to create additional value and to ensure the security and integrity of supply for our customers.

Always a better solution. With Barentz.

Entrepreneurial spirit, expertise, well positioned US network

For Innovator Pharma, Generics, OTC, CMOs & CDMOs, Medical Devices, Biotech and Nutraceuticals we offer access to functional ingredients via a solid network of warehouses, distribution centers and application laboratories. Because there is always a better solution.

Our heritage

A powerful blend of knowledge, entrepreneurship and partnership.

Our story begins in 1953 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where Herman Barentz, a pure-blooded entrepreneur, started our company. One of his first business partners was the French ingredients champion Roquette. When Roquette developed a new range of products, Herman succeeded in becoming their partner and started to represent the brand in the Netherlands. Thanks to strong customer focus and technical expertise it became a huge success and from there our company never stopped growing.

Whilst hiding during World War II Herman spent all of his time reading and studying. This formed his strong belief in the invincible power of knowledge.

“The only thing that no-one can take away from you, is your knowledge.”

Mr. Herman Barentz

1975, Amsterdam, Netherlands


The knowledge-driven, entrepreneurial distributor

Our values and the heritage of our founder still inspire us every day. So it is not by chance that we put our customers, our knowledge, and our technical expertise at the center of our business. And we have continued to focus on these areas with the history repeating itself. Being named by Roquette as strategic distribution partner for the US pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, we are again taking the necessary steps towards driving the growth and success of our customers.



The Barentz difference

Broad portfolio, technical expertise

We offer Excipients, Nutrients and (specialty) APIs for e.g. Dialysis, Injectables or Oral Dosage forms. Ask our US sales team and our highly experienced technical scientists for guidance on the selection of the best ingredients for your application and required functionality.

Have a look at the announcement of our strategic partnership with Roquette here. Our portfolio includes an extensive range of starch derived products and cellulosics.

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Product highlights, ready for innovation

Together with our principals, we offer several different excipients specifically designed to facilitate improved drug delivery profiles to overcome drug solubility and bioavailability issues.

You want to speed up your innovation? Make use of our pharma laboratory services via our principals or within our own facilities within the Americas. Please ask our team for detailed information or check our video about technical knowledge.


Total Quality management Icon

Total Quality Management, across all products

As part of our quality focus, we employ a two-tiered Quality Management System. We are ISO9001 certified and are also one of the few distributors with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification, in line with best industry standards and covering the entire supply chain.

Logistics Icon

Industry-leading logistics Nationwide

Minimize your financial spends and storage requirements thanks to our state-of-the-art logistics for just in time delivery—on time, in full, coast to coast. We work together with renowned partners in warehousing and transportation so you can simply order everything from the large portfolio of our principals products, all with one order through us and get it reliably delivered at once, which reduces transportation costs and creates efficiencies in order handling and traceability.

Responsibility Icon

Taking responsibility, step by step

We acknowledge the obligations of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) such as ethical behavior, human rights, the environment, and fair operating practices, and we have built these into our company values. Based on further conventions and expectations, we will continue to adapt our policies and programs to ensure our progress in global sustainability and responsibility further anchors these principles in our daily work life.

Why Barentz is the right business partner for you

7 key reasons to become a customer


World class product portfolio.
We partner with the best principals with outstanding portfolios, such as Roquette, a world-class provider of pharmaceutical excipients, with whom we have proudly expanded our strategic partnership for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products into the US market.
Robust and secure supply chains.
Our intention is to work with principals/suppliers with maximal vertical integration to offer highly controlled, efficient, fast and extremely secure delivery.
Beneficial synergies for you
Your global and local business opportunities and challenges deserve the best ideas, ingredients and solutions. Always. That’s why we ‘go the extra mile’ to support your projects, creating synergies between our principals.
Business made simple.
Use us as one distributor that processes your orders from multiple manufacturers, all via one contact and one invoice. Even if the products will come from one supplier, you will still experience the efficiency and comfort of one dedicated contact that handles your business.
Local US expertise.
You can always talk with a pharmaceutical specialist for your sector with deep understanding of the challenges you face and the ability to cover all of your business needs.
We share knowledge.
It’s in our genes. We gather and combine knowledge from all global life sciences markets. To share it with you. We are technical experts, yet we are keen to learn more about your market, your customers, your products and your challenges. Focused, on you and your needs and challenges, at the right place and time.
Always a better solution.
Tell us your biggest challenge and we will do everything to find the answer. Nothing's better than that.
Why Barentz is the right technical sales and marketing partner for you

6 key reasons to become a principal


We make business simple.
We focus on medium- and small-sized customers or on customers with specific, tailor-made business needs. We serve them with passion, so you can focus on your key accounts or key regions.
Local expertise.
We have local technical sales teams in all 60 countries we operate in. Our US experts, backed by our global technical pharma team, have a deep understanding of your business and local business cultures.
Easy and direct access to customers.
We have 15,000 customers worldwide and value long lasting relationships—some have been established for more than 70 years. With our technical expertise and knowledge of your products we will always grow your business. Sustainably.
Quality, traceability & sustainability.
We have a fully implemented ISO 9001 based QA system with the necessary certifications in place.
We share knowledge.
We give formulation advice and information on the selection of the best ingredients to our customers. We know a lot about excipients which can create new opportunities with current and new customers or to make it possible to enter new markets.
Always a better solution.
Tell us your biggest challenge and we will do everything to find the answer.

Challenge us!

Our customer challenges fall into two basic categories: Information where our response is time critical or knowledge critical.


Time critical

Examples to show you how our customer service team reacts promptly to customers’ needs. 

CHALLENGE: To deal quickly and effectively in responding to numerous inquiries for essential

documentation which is necessary to support the regulatory filings and drug registrations of our customers. We recognize that these are time critical and any delays in providing this information is both frustrating and costly.

SOLUTION: Some additional Quality and Regulatory documentation was required urgently by the FDA during an inspection at the customer’s manufacturing site. We were able to meet the customer’s needs by supplying all the required information quickly.

The Barentz logistics team and transportation partners adapt to changing timelines with speed and efficiency.

CHALLENGE: Customer received approval on their NDA submission from the regulatory agency sooner than expected and therefore had an imminent need to manufacture and launch the product.

SOLUTION: Expedited delivery of raw material was available from stock maintained in a local warehouse. The customer was then able to immediately bring forward the production program. 


Knowledge critical

Similarly, our technical team can advise on customer formulation and manufacturing challenges.

CHALLENGE: The customer was evaluating a non-animal origin gelling agent for inclusion in a nutraceutical product to obtain a ‘free label’ claim.

SOLUTION: We suggested several different approaches to provide a resolution to the customer, including:

  • an option to use a suitable alternative product from our extensive portfolio
  • another equally viable commercially available product
  • a more fundamental formulation modification based on supporting literature evidence

Upon review of the options available to them, the customer subsequently conducted a comparison study and determined that the alternative product from the Barentz portfolio proved to be the best decision for them.

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