Yeast extracts: prebiotic, supporting gut health and anti-allergenic

Yeast is a product that is regularly discussed in the pet food industry and this article will point out the benefits of different yeast products. Some yeasts have a prebiotic effect and support gut health. Other yeasts are an excellent anti-allergenic protein source.

Brewers’ yeast
Brewers’ yeast is regularly used in pet food. This yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is used in the brewery process. Brewers’ yeast is well-known as a palatability enhancer and as an ingredient rich in B-vitamins and minerals. Brewers’ yeast is a source of good quality protein, with a level of approximately 40% protein, and it contains nine of the essential amino acids needed by dogs. Brewers’ yeast is a well-known ingredient with many nutritional benefits for dogs and cats. Availability of brewers’ yeast can be problematic, therefore molasses yeast is a good alternative. Molasses yeast is also Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but it is derived from sugar cane molasses fermentation obtained during the ethanol production process.

Yeast cell walls and hydrolysed yeast
Beside brewers’ yeast and molasses yeast, there are more yeast products on the market. In some cases pets have some extra challenges to deal with: health and allergies. Yeast cell walls or hydrolysed yeast are two products that can be very helpful when facing those challenges.

Intestinal health
Yeast cell walls, obtained from mature yeast with thick walls, contain high levels of mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and B-glucans. MOS bind pathogens and supports intestinal health.
B-glucans act as a prebiotic by promoting the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and B-glucans stimulate the immune system.

Hydrolysed yeast is yeast treated with enzymes and as a result, the protein is split into short-chain peptides and amino acids. When intact proteins are broken down into small molecules, the immune system is no longer able to recognize them as allergens, with the result of eliminating the possibility of an adverse reaction. Hydrolysed yeast has lower molecular weight peptides compared to brewers’ yeast. Hydrolysed yeast contains not only MOS and B-glucans, but also nucleotides. This is essential for growing animals. Therefore the product is very suitable for puppies and kittens. Hydrolysed yeast is also a product with high palatability and is a source of various B-vitamins and minerals. B-vitamins play an important role in supporting the nervous system, helping with stress management, aiding digestion and keeping coat, skin, eyes and liver healthy.

Yeast portfolio
Barentz Animal Nutrition has a complete portfolio with different yeast products, as mentioned above. Beside brewers’ yeast, molasses yeast, yeast cell wall and hydrolysed yeast, the Barentz’ yeast range extends to autolyzed yeast, and different combinations of yeast products. Different animal species with different ages require different yeast products.

Barentz Animal Nutrition: Your Ingredients Partner
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By Catharina Nieuwenhuizen,
Barentz Animal Nutrition

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