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Food has an impact on health. That’s why more and more consumers no longer consider only the taste of food or beverages but also ask: “What’s in it for me?” Barentz has acquired a great deal of knowledge about nutrition, ingredients, and trends over the last decades. These insights are reflected in a wide range of attractive ingredient solutions and customized formulations developed by our dedicated team of food technologists in our application laboratories worldwide.



Tempting inspiration from our application laboratories

Pre-workout drink

Sports nutrition requires various concepts for the health-conscious consumers. Pre-workout formulations require easily digestible carbohydrates providing release of energy. Tasty energy drinks can be fortified with Barentz Vitamin Energy premix, guarana extracts (caffeine-like extracts with strong antioxidant activity) and panax ginseng root (an energizer and stress-reducer). A post-workout formulation is also available.

Runner drinking an energy drink fortified with Barentz Vitamin Energy premix

Protein-rich shake

Demand for protein-enriched shakes are increasing worldwide to support diets, sports nutrition, senior food and wellbeing segments. A range of concepts are available to support muscle growth and repair, protect the immune system, provide energy, affect satiety, glycemic control, and high and/or low-caloric meal replacers.

Protein rich strawberry shake

Healthy aging

A range of concepts are available to support prevention of malnutrition, as up to 25% of elderly people suffer from malnutrition which results in rapid loss of muscle mass. Our healthy aging range is available in the following instant food concepts: silky rice puddings, savory soups, fruity smoothies and hot, in-between products (pancakes, omelets and mashed potatoes).

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