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Barentz has been active in the bakery segment since the 1950s. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with customers and principals, we have considerable experience to create tasty and successful bakery food solutions. Traditionally, bakery solutions primarily had a functional or cost-in-use focus. Today, nutritional solutions are gaining momentum - for example, bakery products with health claims, added protein, or other creative ideas. However, taste and premium quality are still top priorities in this segment!


Tempting inspiration from our application laboratories

Tortilla 50% 'Veggies'

Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Tortillas are a high calorie, but popular, food. Our idea is to replace some of the traditional flour-based tortilla or pizza crusts with a vegetable base. For example, to create a tortilla based on grains with over 50% natural pumpkin and carrot. By doing this, one average-sized tortilla of 55g could provide an equivalent health content of 125g fresh vegetables.

Tortilla with pumpkin and carrot

Fortified pancakes for specific target groups

Pancakes are delicious but traditionally, not particularly healthy. Our idea is for high-protein, fortified pancakes enriched with nutraceuticals such as multivitamins, and perhaps tailored, for example, for the older generation to include properties that support optimal chewing and swallowing. 110g pancakes = 33% of RDA of many vitamins and 2 g Omega-3.

fortified pancakes enriched with nutraceuticals


High-protein bakery products

These create a healthier alternative to regular bakery products, such as cupcakes, biscuits, bread etc. Barentz is proud to offer a wide range of proteins that can be used to produce bakery products with an excellent nutritional profile that makes them suitable for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Functional Bakery ingredients

Functionality is key in traditional bakery processes and, therefore, we support our customers with ingredients for specific functionality e.g. in bread and or fine bakery applications to improve dough properties, aeration, egg-replacement, shelf life extension.

Our Premium bakery ingredients

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