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Our Applications Laboratory

Our UK based applications laboratory is here to showcase our wide range of ingredients. Working with our principles, we innovate, creating new textures and concepts to inspire customers and push the boundaries of what is possible. We aim to be at the forefront of the industry by formulating, to visualise our ingredients’ potential and predict upcoming trends.

All our formulas are available for download on our website for everyone to see examples of the ingredients we offer and what you could create for your customers. We can assist you in developing custom formulations according to your needs and provide your personal care solutions.

Our capabilities stretch beyond formulating. We are able to offer training and workshops to support our principals as well as keep our sales team and customers informed of all progress and new development. Sharing our knowledge is important to us, as it empowers our customers to make the best products using our ingredients and establish a strong place in the ever changing personal care market.



We have specialist knowledge in the application of Lanolin and Lanolin derived ingredients within personal care. With excellent healing and moisturising properties, Lanolin is far from outdated. This sustainable, natural and highly versatile ingredient is used in a variety of applications, ranging from skin creams to hair styling products.


Our antioxidant experts formulate both natural and synthetic blends for your personal care products, to delay unwanted oxidation consequences such as rancid odours, discoloration and loss of functionality. We will test our solutions in your formulations to find the optimum quantity needed to balance efficacy and cost.

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