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Active cosmetics ingredients

Because Active Ingredients are at the heart of the needs of our customers in the Personal Care industry, we have made it our business to excel in delivering outstanding actives with just the benefits you need for your specific projects.

Some examples of the actives for the Personal Care industry we have in our portfolio:
• Humectants
• Moisturisers
• Anti-ageing
• Anti-Cellulites
• Scrub agents
• Plant extracts
• UV-blockers
• Soothing agents
• Skin whiteners
• Purifying agents
• Anti-Oxidants

Many of these actives are of course EcoCert or COSMOS certified.

For most of the actives we supply, we have clinical trial results available to help you to support the claim of your product. We can advise you what will be needed in your specific situation.

Get in touch with us, we would love to talk about the claim and mode of action your products need to have and to support you in finding the right ingredients that suit your needs.

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