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Experts in Lanolin and Lanolin Derivatives

Together with our partner NK Chemicals, we are experts in Lanolin. With its excellent healing and moisturising properties, Lanolin (wool wax) is a renewable, natural and highly versatile ingredient. It can be used in a variety of different applications, ranging from skin creams and lotions to facial cleansers and hair colourants.

We are constantly developing our lanolin portfolio in cooperation with NKC, who are true experts and have been working with customers to develop personal care products, to a high quality since 1998.

Our product range consists of lanolin including pharmaceutical grade, lanolin fatty acids, lanolin oil and wax, isopropyl lanolate, ethoxylated lanolin, alcohols and absorption bases. Within our Concept & Application Center in the UK, we can also develop customised formulations with Lanolin to suit your needs.
Lanolin and its derivatives are dermatologically safe and have a long history of proven acceptability.

For more information about our Lanolin portfolio for Personal Care and Pharmaceutical applications, get in touch with our Lanolin experts at NKC, or get in touch with the Barentz office in your country.


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