Ecocert Natural Antioxidants

It’s well understood that vegetable oils and various other active compounds are particularly sensitive to oxidation in personal care products. Adding the right mix of antioxidants to your formulations is essential to maintain functional and sensorial properties of your personal care products.

Together with our daughter company Vitablend we can supply antioxidant blends for your specific needs. We will also test our solutions in your formulations to find just the right amount of antioxidants needed to optimise the balance between efficacy and costs.

For applications like gels, creams, body lotions and oils, especially those rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, we have developed our Ecocert Tocoblends, which are suitable for use in natural and organic products. The Tocoblends are of EU origin and do not originate from or contain any GM ingredients.

Our Tocoblends contain a balanced mix of natural origin alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols. Complying with Ecocert and COSMOS standards they effectively delay the consequences of oxidation such as rancid odours, discoloration and loss of functionality.

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