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Jun 13, 2019

Barentz announces a joint venture with TasteStrik©: knowledge meets taste


Barentz International, a leading global ingredients distributor, has expanded its activities in the dynamic world of taste in food. The company proudly announces its joint venture with TasteStrik©, a successful Dutch family business and a leading developer, producer and supplier of high-quality flavourings and ingredients for the bakery, cereal, chocolate, confectionery, culinary, dairy and specialty foods industry.

This joint venture will give Barentz a higher diversity of sources to deliver solutions for taste concepts, while offering TasteStrik© the knowledge and expertise of Barentz’ global network.

  • TasteStrik© has a proven track record in developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality flavourings and ingredients for the European Food market.
  • The joint venture supports Barentz’ strategy of offering the broadest portfolio of quality ingredients in the life sciences industries.
  • Both companies support their customers in developing new ideas and innovative solutions thanks to their expertise and network of specialized labs.

Robert Strik, managing director of TasteStrik©, is looking forward to joining Barentz. ‘This is a promising joint venture, where both parties will immediately benefit from each other’s strengths. For TasteStrik©, and for me personally, the customer-centred and entrepreneurial spirit of Barentz are of decisive importance. We are a family business with an extraordinary passion for taste. We see the same attitude at Barentz, along with the shared will to always strive for better solutions.’

For Barentz’ CEO Hidde van der Wal, TasteStrik©’s taste expertise is an excellent addition to the Barentz family of Food & Nutrition Solutions. ‘This is where we bundle all expertise and skills we have throughout our organization to devise and implement innovative and suitable solutions. TasteStrik©’s sophisticated application lab in Eemnes (the Netherlands) will be a valuable addition to our global network of 15 labs with 50 food engineers.’ Van der Wal expects rapid cooperation and results. ‘We do indeed share a similar corporate culture, and Robert Strik will continue to lead TasteStrik© as its managing director, thus ensuring continuity.’

About TasteStrik©

TasteStrik© is a leading developer, producer and supplier of high-quality flavourings and ingredients for the European food market. The company was established in 1991 and is located in Eemnes, the Netherlands. TasteStrik© has a TasteLab® where passionate ingredients engineers work with customers, product developers, producers and marketeers from all over Europe every day to develop and test new ideas. For more information, see www.TasteStrik.nl


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