Feb 16, 2021

Feed additives manufacturer NUQO appoints Barentz as their strategic distribution partner

NUQO has appointed Barentz Animal Nutrition as the preferred distribution partner for their range of feed additives in the Benelux and several surrounding countries. The new partnership with Barentz is driven by NUQO’s strategic plan to implement the best high-performance distribution network and to further expand its activities in Europe and globally.

The NUQO product range consists of several products that combine phyto- and phycogenic compounds that are encapsulated to provide maximum efficacy, depending on each species different requirements. The products focus on an improvement in animal performance due to their gut health improving and immune system stimulating effects. The different products have been proven effective in several in-vivo and commercial trials.

“NUQO’s technologies are gaining traction in Europe, but also in other regions of the globe. Now, the addition of Barentz as a partner in specific European markets will help to reach more producers,” said Ewenn Helary, CEO of NUQO. “Besides that, we hope to strengthen our collaboration to co-development and research even better solutions in the future, and Barentz is giving us valuable insights to do just that.”

According to Tim Lemeer, Vice President of Barentz Animal Nutrition: “Transparency is key in partnerships. NUQO gives insight in the used bioactive ingredients and technology to ensure that our customers’ R&D managers and nutritionists have the best tools at their disposal to formulate effective feed solutions that increase performance and animal well-being. We strongly believe in this approach of full transparency and it shows the good fit between our companies on values, our capabilities, and our expertise. We are very enthusiastic in bringing this new partnership to its full potential.”

About NUQO
Founded in France, NUQO© is a feed additives company with staff across the globe and production sites in Europe. NUQO© is a pioneer in combining phytogenics & phycogenics thanks to unique and cutting-edge encapsulation technology, that preserves efficacy and optimal release of active ingredients. Based on this expertise, NUQO© promotes various solutions that help professionals to better address challenges related to performance, health, or welfare of animals. NUQO© offers a unique approach to its customers based on transparency, independence, and sustainability. In 2020, NUQO© opened new offices in Asia to expand activities globally with new solutions. www.nuqo.eu


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