26 - 05 - 2009
We are pleased to inform you that Barentz Spolka z o.o have moved into a new office in Warsaw on 25th May, 2009. The new address and new telephone number are as following: Barentz Spółka z o.o. Cristal Park, ul. Mszczonowska 4 02-337 Warsaw, Poland. Phone : + 48 22 57 41 500 Fax number and e-mail address keep as till now.
27 - 04 - 2009
With its long-established contributions to nutrition and health, ROQUETTE is taking the opportunity at VITAFOODS to share its findings in both new ingredients and applications dedicated to meeting functional and nutritional priorities. At VITAFOODS, ROQUETTE will be pleased to present its new sustainable resource: microalgae. In this connection, the company will share some of its current research results with visitors looking for innovation and sustainability in healthy foods. This pathfinding work was initiated with: The launch of a microalgae development program entitled ALGOHUB™. Consisting of a consortium bringing together 14 partners, it deploys their expertise in a number of key sectors, including pharmacology and cosmetology, marine biotechnologies, aquaculture, human and animal nutrition, and extraction of active compounds. The takeover of BPS, a European chlorella manufacturer whose unique production technology fully meets customers’ quality and product safety expectations. Chlorella products will be presented under the brand name: ALGOMED®. In addition, ROQUETTE will highlight innovative applications of some of its nutritional and functional ingredients: A unique way to boost fibre intake easily and efficiently will be represented by samples of 100% NUTRIOSE® soluble fibre in the form of a table-top fibre supplement. A highly successful way of meeting the specific safety and quality requirements of nutraceutical producers will be found in ROQUETTE’s premium range of GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups. Using ingredients obtained from the pea, ROQUETTE will also open up new opportunities to manufacturers looking for reliable protein, fibre and starch sources. Outstanding self-disintegrating properties are the hallmark of STARLAC®, a starch and lactose compound. A versatile excipient for improved stability is offered by PEARLITOL®, a mannitol range. A fast, high-quality aqueous film coating for the nutraceutical and pharma fields is provided by LYCOAT®, a starch-based polymer. The Roquette Group: Roquette is a private family business. Backed by 75 years of experience, it is the world’s leading polyol manufacturer and one of the top starch processors (No 2 in Europe and No 4 worldwide). The Roquette Group, represented worldwide through 30 establishments - including 18 production sites - employs over 6000 staff, of which 3600 are in France. In 2007 it achieved a turnover of over 2.5 billion euros and every year processes 6 million tonnes of renewable raw materials (maize, wheat, potatoes, peas and – soon – microalgae) in a range of over 650 products derived from starch. These products are for a range of industries, including human and animal nutrition, paper-board, pharmacy-cosmetology and biochemistry. Keen to assert its independence and confirm both its leadership and its innovative drive and diversification, the Roquette Group has chosen to develop along two strategic axes: vegetal-based chemistry and nutrition-health. To this end, it invests over 40 million euros a year in R&D and more than 10% of its turnover in production facilities and equipment. Roquette’s sustainable innovation strategy involves engineering and developing ingredients, products and applications that concurrently address ecological, economic and social challenges. For further information: Philippe CAILLAT - ALGOHUB™ (Microalgae) Direct line: + 33 321 639 179 E-mail: philippe.caillat@roquette.com Emily LAUWAERT - Human Nutrition Direct line: + 33 321 633 846 E-mail: emily.lauwaert@roquette.com Sergio NEVES - Pharmaceutical & Cosmetology Direct line: + 33 321 633 703 E-mail: sergio.neves@roquette.com ROQUETTE Group 62080 Lestrem Cedex FRANCE www.roquette.com Tel: + 33 321 633 600 Fax: +33 321 633 850
30 - 03 - 2009
Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients (AAFI) a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Barentz in Bulgaria and Romania effective April 1, 2009. Barentz will represent AAFI’s full line of products used primarily in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries where the following functional properties are desired: thickening and rheology control adhesive strength binding power film formation protective colloid, suspending and emulsifying action Barentz Bulgaria and Barentz Romania S.R. are part of the Barentz group with whom Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients has successfully developed markets in various other European countries. For more than six years, Barentz has been active in the Bulgarian and Romania markets, and have established Sales and Supply Chain structures covering this part of the Balkan region. The Barentz sales force supporting Ashland’s product portfolio in these countries is comprised of specialists for the coatings and construction markets as well as for pharmaceutical, personal care, animal nutrition and food applications. Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients is a global leader in the production of cellulose ethers and the world’s only producer of refined wood rosin and wood rosin derivatives from stumpwood extracts. Most of its specialty additives and functional ingredients are derived from renewable and natural raw materials and are used to manage the physical properties of aqueous and non-aqueous systems in a wide variety of applications and industries. For customer or product information, please contact: Barentz Bulgaria Ivelina Gudeva, Country Manager 247, Botevgradsko shosse Blvd. 1517 Sofia , BULGARIA tel. +3592 9424710, fax +3592 9424713 Barentz Romania Dragos Novac, Country Manager Bd. Aviatorilor 59; Sector 1; Bucuresti 011854; ROMANIA Tel: +40 21 260.30.65 Fax: +40 21 260.30..66 Floris van Eijndhoven, Global Distribution Manager, AAFI +31 (0) 70 4134284 fvaneijndhoven@ashland.com Media contact information: Karel Struhar VP Central & Eastern Europe Barentz Europe BV Tel. +420 602 439 786 Scott C. Johnson EMEA Communciations Manager Ashland Inc. +31 10 497 5317
11 - 03 - 2009
Barentz Europe BV announces the opening of its 19th European entity in Belgrade, Serbia, serving Serbia and the other former Yugoslav states. Barentz is already active in these countries notably form its operations in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary. With Barentz D.O.O. Beograd, the company is making an important step in realising its pan-European ambitions and it shows the commitment of Barentz to the Balkan region as a whole. Barentz D.O.O. Beograd will distribute specialty ingredients and additives, for a variety of Barentz principals, to the food, the animal nutrition, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. Right from the start the company will have a broad portfolio of products to serve the manufacturing industries in Serbia as well as in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Slovenia. Realising a 15 % growth year on year for the past 5 years, Barentz remains focused on Europe. With the opening of the Balkan office Barentz continues its drive for pan-European coverage, and is now virtually active in any European country. Contact: D.O.O. Beograd Gordan Dangubic: +381 63 55 88 03 Elsewhere Rinus Heemskerk: +31 23 567 34 56 About Barentz Europe Barentz Europe is a privately owned company and one of the leading specialty raw material companies in Europe active with over 400 people in 28 countries. The company is active in distribution towards the food, the animal nutrition, the pharmaceutical & cosmetic and chemical industries. The turnover of The Barentz Group in 2008 amounted € 545 million.
27 - 02 - 2009
As of April 1st 2009, Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients, a division of Ashland, has appointed Barentz BV as their exclusive distributor of food ingredient products in the Netherlands. The scope of the cooperation between the two companies concerns all Aqualon’s cellulose based food ingredients which are used in a large variety of applications in the food industry, like dairy, bakery, convenience food, beverages etc. Aqualon’s food ingredient products are used in applications where the following functional properties are desired: thickening and rheology control adhesive strength film formation water retention binding power protective colloid, suspending and emulsifying action Barentz Netherlands is part of the Barentz group with whom Aqualon has successfully developed markets in various other European countries in recent years. In the Netherlands Barentz is already active in other industries for Aqualon. The Barentz sales force is made up of specialists for the Coatings and Construction markets as well as for Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Animal Nutrition and Food applications. For more information contact: Jan Kot Division Manager Food Barentz BV Tel. +31 (0)23 5673456 Elise Keddam Corporate Account Manager Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients Tel. +33 1 45279885 Floris van Eijndhoven Global Distribution Manager Ashland Functional Ingredients Tel. +31 (0)70 4134284

Latest News

06 - 02 - 2020
Barentz international B.V. and Matco Foods Limited officially announce the start of a new Joint Venture in Pakistan, following agreement between both parties. The aim of the new activity is to better serve the rapidly growing Pakistani food processing market with a target group of 200 million citizens. Matco Foods has built up an extended network within the Pakistan local food industry Barentz International offers the broadest high-quality ingredients portfolio within the global life science markets Barentz Pakistan will primarily focus on the markets for Human Nutrition and Pharmaceutical products
26 - 11 - 2019
Barentz announces today that Cinven has agreed to invest in their company. Cinven is a leading international private equity firm focused on building world-class European and global companies. Barentz has a strong market position in a structurally growing market for life science ingredients The Cinven team knows the speciality ingredients distribution market well Cinven recognizes the opportunities for both organic and buy and build growth Financial terms of the transaction are not disclosed  
04 - 11 - 2019
Barentz, a leading distributor of ingredients in the life science markets, is pleased to announce it has acquired a majority shareholding in Czech Republic based IMCoPharma. Highlights: IMCoPharma is a leader in the pharmaceutical ingredients market in the CIS region and Ukraine Both Barentz and IMCoPharma are known for their deep technical knowledge and broad portfolio of pharmaceutical ingredients This strategic investment provides Barentz with the licensing capability to do business with all pharmaceutical companies in this attractive region IMCoPharma considers this acquisition as an opportunity for strengthening its position in this market and creating new opportunities