Barentz (formerly Forum Products Ltd) has been in operation in Dublin since 1985 and the Barentz Ireland legal entity was set up in 2019. Barentz Ireland represents a broad portfolio of global manufacturers of key ingredients for supply in the Irish market. We have offices and a GDP approved warehouse facility in Dublin, from which we supply a range of customers through out the island of Ireland with an efficient and responsive customer service. Our Quality systems are central to our business philosophy and we accredited by ISO, GDP and GMP+. We are also licensed to manage organic ingredients.

We have a team of industry experts and technically qualified people available to assist you through our following business units: Pharmaceuticals, Animal Nutrition, Human Nutrition and Personal Care. For the Pharmaceutical industry, we offer a broad range of excipients, amino acids and APIs from leading European, Japanese and US based manufacturers. Through our Human Nutrition division we supply ingredients in the following application areas: bakery, confectionary, meat and fish, soups and sauces, savoury (ready meals and snacks), beverages, dairy, dietetics and sport nutrition, and infant nutrition. For the animal nutrition industry, we offer a range of feed additives and functional ingredients as natural and sustainable solutions, to optimise and improve animal productivity and profitability.

Our solutions provide alternatives to the use of antibiotics and resources, and contribute to the welfare of animals. Our products are used in the feed industry and by premix manufacturers. We also supply a range of speciality food ingredients to some of the leading pet food manufacturers in Ireland.