Barentz has been active in Russia since 2004. Since the start of our business in Russia, we have seen and developed quite some interesting ingredients projects together with our customers.

At Barentz we hold quite a strong position in the supply of ingredients to local Russian Personal Care brands as well as to international brands with production facilities in Russia. We can provide you with all the ingredients needed to produce Skin Care (Creams, Lotions, Sunscreen creams), Oral Care (Toothpastes, Oral Rinse) & Hair Care (Styling, Conditioners, Shampoos), Color cosmetics) products and are especially knowledgeable on anti-ageing ingredients as well as in ingredients for decorative cosmetics, lipsticks and make-up removing and cleansing products.

Our focus areas in  the Food industry are meat processing, confectionery , bakery, savory , baby and sports nutrition and dairy.

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API’s * Amino acids * Anti-oxidants * Binders *  Botanicals * Carbohydrates* Cereals * Colorants * Conditioners * Cosmetic Active Ingredients * Dairy Cultures * Disintegrants *
Emollients * Emulsifiers* Enzymes * Fats * Film Coatings * Fillers * Flavors * Foaming agents * Food acids * Fortification blends * Fragrances * (Dried) Fruits & Vegetables *  Hydrocolloids * Intermediates * Lecithin *  Lubricants * Minerals * Moisturisers and humectants * Nutraceutical Actives *  Nutritional premixes * pH-regulators * Phosphates *  Preservatives * Product performance blends * Proteins * Polyols * Scrub agents * Solubizers * Specialities * Stabilizers * Surfactants * Sustained release ingredients * Sweeteners * Texturizers * Thickeners and stabilisers * Vitamins



Varshavskoe av., 9 b. 1B
Office 419, 4th floor
117105 Moscow, Russia


Tel.: +7(495) 419-00-16

Bogdan Choyoru

Country Manager Russia

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