In 2015, Barentz International acquired New Skyport, registered under the name Barentz (Shanghai) Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd.  - 巴味塔(上海)商贸有限公司, a leading distributor of specialty ingredients for the Food & Nutrition industry in China.

The  demand for specialty food ingredients follows consumer demand for more sophisticated food & nutrition products. The Chinese consumer is more and more concerned with health and the quality of food products, enabling a good market for high quality specialised food ingredients.

Being the main distributor of the Roquette Freres products in China, Barentz (Shanghai) Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd.  - 巴味塔(上海)商贸有限公司, has a leading position with major manufacturers of food products in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, with four branch offices across the Chinese East coast and one inland, Barentz China (巴味塔) services customers in the food, beverage, confectionary, nutrition, supplements, health and well-being sectors across China.

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Amino acids * Anti-oxidants * Carbohydrates* Cereals * Colorants * Dairy Cultures * Emollients * Emulsifiers* Enzymes * Fats * Flavors * Food acids * Fortification blends * Fragrances * (Dried) Fruits & Vegetables *  Hydrocolloids * Lecithin *  Minerals *  Nutritional premixes * Phosphates * Product performance blends * Proteins * Polyols * Specialities * Starches *Sweeteners * Vitamins

Barentz China

Unit 707, Office Block, Hotel Equatorial Shanghai
No 228 Hua Shan Road, Jinan District
Shanghai 200040
People's Republic of China

Dong Mei Chen

General Manager Barentz China

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