In 2017 Barentz and Deltagen Group joined forces in the Latin America and the Carribean region to combine Deltagen's decades of experience in the region and in depth knowledge of the local industry specifies with the broad international expertise of Barentz and its ties to the world's leading ingredients manufacturers.

With sales and distribution in Curaçao, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, our team provides products and technical expertise to the Food and Beverage Industry in general. And specifically to industries such as Meat and Seafood Processing, Flour Processing and Bakery Products, Confectionery, Breweries and Dairy Products.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your challenges, or if you are looking to buy: Antioxidants * Colorants * Emulsifiers * Enzymes * Flavors * Food acids * Fortification blends * Fragrances * Hydrocolloids * Lecithin * Nutritional premixes * Phosphates * Product performance blends * Proteins * Specialties * Starches * Sweeteners * Yeast and much more

Barentz / Deltagen

Av. 17 Los Haticos No. 111

20 Qta. Monterrey
Maracaibo Edo. Zulia, Venezuela

Jaap Luursema

Country Manager