Deltagen Chile has started operations in 2018 and will offer a broad portfolio of products for the Food and Beverage industry. Main product lines are enzymes, antioxidants, natural colors, breweries clarifying agents, carotenes, microencapsulated minerals, vitamins, nutraceutical ingredients, emulsifiers, soy proteins, lecithins, phosphates.

Deltagen and Barentz are working together to offer a broad range of products and excel in customer service.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your challenges, or if you are looking to buy: Antioxidants * Colorants * Emulsifiers * Enzymes * Flavors * Food acids * Fortification blends * Fragrances * Hydrocolloids * Lecithin * Nutritional premixes * Phosphates * Product performance blends * Proteins * Specialties * Starches * Sweeteners * Yeast and much more

Deltagen Chile

Badajoz 45. Of 1701B
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile

Tel: +56 9 7965 3448
Tel: +56 2 2940 2376

Eva Hoch

Country Manager