In 2018 Barentz formed a Joint Venture with Tovani Benzaquen Ingredients, a major food ingredient distributor in South America since 1992. Headquartered in Sao Paulo, the company serves the whole Brazilian territory and surrounding countries offering not only high quality ingredients but also technical support in the development of food solutions, through their own modern application laboratory and dedicated technical food specialists. The Tovani Benzaquen Ingredients are active in various segments of the Brazilian food and beverage industry as well as in supplements, pharmaceuticals and animal nutrition. The company was awarded "Best Ingredient Distributor" in Brazil from Editora several times.

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Amino acids * Anti-oxidants * Cereals * Colorants * Cosmetic Active Ingredients * Dairy Cultures * Emulsifiers * Enzymes * Fats * Film Coatings * Fillers * Flavors * Foaming agents * Fortification blends * Fragrances * (Dried) Fruit & Vegetables * Hydrocolloids * Lecithin * Moisturisers and humectants * Nutraceutical Actives * Nutritional premixes * Organic Acids * Preservatives * Product performance blends * Proteins * Polyols * Scrub agents * Solubizers * Specialities * Stabilizers * Surfactants * Sweeteners * Texturizers * Thickeners and stabilisers * Vitamins * Yeast * Yeast Cultures


Tovani Benzaquen Ingredients

Av. Angélica 2220 - 9 Andar
CEP 01228-200, Sao Paulo

Tel: +31 621 577 279
E-mail: Benzaquen Ingredients Logo-versie 2.png

Frank Smit

Regional Director Latin America & Caribbean