In January 2016, Barentz International opened an office in Iran. Barentz Middle East focusses on distributing ingredients in the Food & Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals and Animal Nutrition industries in Iran and the Middle East region.

With 80 million consumers in the country and 400 million in the surrounding export area, the demand for industrial ingredients in Iran is growing. Fuelled by the open attitude towards new food & personal care products of the large young Middle Eastern population, it is expected that the packaged goods market will show considerable volume growth over the coming years.

Barentz has a positive outlook on the development of the industrial ingredients market in Iran. The traditional Persian way of doing business, combined with the Barentz knowledge of and access to high quality ingredients of our renowned suppliers, will help local Iranian producers to increase the quality of their products and will enable them to grow their local business.

Please get in touch with us if you would like more information on how we can support you to find the right ingredients, or if you want to buy:

API's * Amino acids * Anti-oxidants * Binders *  Carbohydrates* Cereals * Colorants * Dairy Cultures * Disintegrants * Emulsifiers* Enzymes * Fats * Film Coatings * Fillers * Flavors * Food acids * Fortification blends * (Dried) Fruits & Vegetables *  Hydrocolloids * Intermediates * Lecithin *  Minerals * Nutraceutical Actives *  Nutritional premixes * Organic Acids * pH-regulators * Phosphates *  Preservatives * Product performance blends * Proteins * Polyols * Solubizers * Specialities * Stabilizers * Surfactants * Sustained release ingredients * Sweeteners * Texturizers * Thickeners * Vitamins * Yeast * Yeast Cultures

Barentz Middle East

Unit 2, No.87, Fereshte Ave., Vali Asr St., Tehran - Iran
POB: 1965716711

Tel:   +98 21 2202 4091-94
Fax:   +98 21 2265 05 12


S.Reza S.Esfahani

Managing Director