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Strong in Proteins

One of the strongpoints of Barentz Animal Nutrition is the range of proteins we offer. We can deliver the complete range: from vegetable, dairy and animal sources. With our long expertise in this area, we can help you develop ingredient combinations that deliver exactly what you want at the right costs.

Additonally, we believe we are very innovative in this area as well with proteins from insects and even duck weed in our portfolio. Our range comprises of in example:

  • Soy proteins (concentrates, isolates or meal), for CRM or course grade
  • Pea, potato, corn or wheat based proteins
  • Single cell proteins (i.e. side stream from lysine production)
  • Insect meal
  • Water Lentil Protein (lemnaceae)

Please contact us to help you select the right protein combination that gives you the required benefits (nutritional and functional) while keeping the costs per CP% as low as possible.

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