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Application Areas

Barentz Animal Nutrition is able to deliver basic- and high-end ingredients from our long-term and highly esteemed partners as well as from in-house activities. We are active in pet food, feed and premix industries.

For all animals and purposes different complementary ingredients can be offered that fulfill the nutritional and functional requirements of our customers. We not only supply single ingredients, but also support our customers in creating specific solutions and even blends for their needs in applications for:

  • Bovine (dairy and cattle, calves and cows)
  • Swine (piglets and pigs)
  • Poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.)
  • Pet food (wet, dry or treats; cats, dogs and other companion animals)
  • Aquaculture (shrimp, salmon, trout, etc.)
  • Equine

Please contact us with your specific needs.


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