Visible growth from the start

Growing fish and feeding them the important nutrients equally can be a challenge. By reducing juvenile mortality huge gains in productivity can be made in this segment. We believe that nutrition can help with that. Essential nutrients give juvenile fish a good start at early stages, and later the right ingredients make the energy in the feed more easily available to the fish.

Aquaculture is both the fastest growing and the most sustainable animal protein industry. To meet the market demand of the future, increasing the survival rate of juvenile fish is essential to reduce costs and environmental impact, thus, improving sustainability and profit.

Ingredients for aquaculture
Within our product range we can offer various proteins, we have a strong focus on vegetable proteins. Plant-based single cell proteins are extremely advantageous parts of the diet since aquaculture diets have the highest protein content of all animal feeds and because fishmeal is basically a non-scalable feed source. Another protein we can offer is hydrolyzed animal protein. This has a great digestibility, good amino acid profile and can be used as a new protein source instead of fish meal.

Another ingredient we would like to highlight is lecithin. Phospholipids are essential for fish in larval or juvenile stages. Within our portfolio we offer high quality hydrolyzed lecithins with high level of phospholipids. Products are available in powder or liquid.

We can assist you in precisely managing average daily gain increases from hatching to harvesting, with great feed efficiency and healthy fish.

Important ingredients
Antioxidants, single cell protein, hydrolysed animal protein, hydrolysed lecithin, seaweed.

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