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Unique Ingredients & Blends Portfolio

At Barentz we provide our customers with a unique ingredients portfolio, consisting of carefully selected ingredients from our world class suppliers and the single specialty ingredients and blends from our own production companies. All of these ingredients are available to our customers through our Barentz offices locations in Europe, Asia and Americas.

Our own production companies produce a range of unique ingredients for the Food & Nutrition and Animal Nutrition industry:


Vitablend is a leading global provider of health & nutrition premixes and antioxidant systems. Fully committed to constantly finding and incorporating safe, effective and innovative ingredients for their premixes and blends, Vitablend’s mission is to help our business partners create sustainable value through innovation.

Vitablend’s customers are local and global leaders in the food, infant nutrition and petfood  industry, who can count on the support of their combined Barentz’ and Vitablend technical customer teams. From our state of the art production locations in Singapore, The Netherlands and the US, Vitablend offers unrivalled support during the entire formulation and production cycle, from testing formulations into specific customer applications, right up to delivering the premixes and blends exactly how and when customers need them.

MP Spice Service (Maustepalvelu) is Finland’s leading food ingredient specialist and supplier. Established over 60 years ago as a raw materials supplier, the company has evolved into a versatile partner that brings customers the benefits of solid expertise and international connections. Nowadays MP Spice Service provides a comprehensive service ranging from concept and raw material testing to R&D, storage and sourcing of ingredients, preparation of customised blends, and prompt delivery.


Headquartered close to Minneapolis, in Hudson, Wisconsin, AmTech Ingredients is a leading producer and supplier of powdered specialty food ingredients. With its range of powdered sweeteners, vinegars, condiments, nutritional and shortening ingredients, AmTech serves a wide spectrum of customers worldwide. For Barentz International, the strategic partnership with AmTech ingredients strengthens its position in production as well as distribution of specialty ingredients in the food and pet food sector in North America.

The AmTech ingredients range can be delivered through the Barentz offices worldwide and includes:

  • Honey Powders
  • Vinegar Powders
  • Hot Sauce Powders
  • Worcestershire & Rochester Sauce Powders
  • Lemon & Lime Powders
  • Specialty Creamer Systems
  • Powdered Vegetable Shortenings
  • Mustard Powders


Latest News

27 - 11 - 2018
Next-level collaboration founded on a deep expertise in high quality specialities Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets, has reconfirmed Barentz as the preferred distribution partner for the Roquette food product range in Europe. This new partnership with Barentz is driven by Roquette’s strategic plan to implement the best high-performance distribution network to support its position as a world leading provider of outstanding, reliable plant-based ingredients.   
22 - 11 - 2018
Enhanced partnership to address current and future needs in pharma sector Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets, has appointed Barentz as the preferred distribution partner for Roquette’s pharmaceutical product range in Europe. Barentz and Roquette have been successfully working together for many years in several European countries by developing distribution channels backed by a strong technical expertise. This appointment is driven by Roquette’s strategic plan to implement a new high performance distribution network to support its position as a world leading pharmaceutical excipients’ company.
14 - 05 - 2018
Ocean Harvest Technology Limited of Ireland, the technology and manufacturing company responsible for the OceanFeed™ brand of proprietary blended seaweed products, and Barentz International, a leading  provider in the animal nutrition industry, headquartered in the Netherlands, announce today that they have reached agreement for Barentz Animal Nutrition to formally act as a distributor for OceanFeed™ in much of Europe.