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Quality Assurance


Barentz Quality Policy

At Barentz we always strive for a continual improvement process. The Japanese call this way of working Kaizen, or change for the better, we just call it the Barentz way of doing business.

Each member of the Barentz team, through their training and industry specific expertise, adds value to the organisation as a whole and to the customers and partners we serve.

Quality isn’t a process for us, it’s a whole way of thinking, throughout the entire Barentz organisation. We strive to exceed your expectations by listening carefully to your requirements first, so we completely understand your processes and your issue and this allows us to create completely bespoke and innovative solutions and services, to address your specific needs.

We make no secret of the fact that we are looking for long-term relationships with all of our customers, our employees, our suppliers and our principals. This long-term thinking is how we have built our business since the very first days of Barentz in 1953. With such long-term relationships come the growth of trust, transparency, understanding and, we hope, many more years of profitable business.

Barentz quality policy means:

  • We offer ongoing guarantees for all of our products for the safety of man, animals and the environment
  • We will do everything necessary to ensure that the products and solutions we supply will comply, at all times, with all required legislation
  • We understand that quality assurance is crucial in preventing problems and the negative consequences that this could bring you and others in the supply chain
  • We accept our responsibility for the ongoing management and implementation of our quality policy
  • We have an appointed quality officer who’s sole responsibility is to ensure the correct management and implementation of our quality policy
  • We will ensure that all staff involved completely understand the objectives of the quality policy and the practical measures required for ongoing quality assurance, and that they always behave in a quality-conscious way

As we said before, it’s not everyone’s way of doing business, but it’s the Barentz way and always has been.

Sector policy for each division

To ensure this quality policy is implemented and secured in our organisation we have chosen to work to the highest industry standards. Besides a corporate ISO 9001 system we have also implemented specific sector policies for each division:

  • ISO 22000, Fair-trade, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and Skal Organic for the ,
  • GMP+, and Safe Feed for the animal nutrition division,
  • cGMP and GDTP for the ,
  • Responsible Care for the .

More detailed information can be found in the specific market segments.

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