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L. I. Frank


L.I. Frank: Specialist in natural food ingredients from beans and grains

L.I.Frank is a part of Barentz Group L.I. Frank became part of Barentz Group in 2007. The business, that was originally founded in 1753 in The Netherlands, is a very experienced beans and grains processing company that specialises in the processing of natural raw materials such as Lupin, Soy and Corn into food ingredients.

Beans and grains are natural components that offer a wide variety of functionalities in bread, bakery and also in new applications such as meat replacement and dairy. The experienced team at L.I. Frank can support and lead the development of specific products for food applications working closely with the industry expert teams from Barentz.


L.I. Frank started the Lupin processing industry in Europe in 2000 and are now the leading Lupin processing company in Europe. LI Frank can genuinely claim to be the Lupin expert and can advise, through our vast experience, in how to use Lupin most effectively in many specific food applications.


The processing of Soy beans by L.I. Frank started way back in 1950 and provides consistently high quality Non-GMO Soy ingredients. Our Soy bean products are mainly used in bakery applications and products. This expertise, built over the long-term, is also used by bakery specialists, in organic production to serve the growing demand for gluten free products.


In August 2012 L.I. Frank will start processing Corn germs into a granulated natural corn and nut flavours. These ingredients have many functionalities and the demand for them is growing. Corn germs are mainly used in the production of multi and whole grain breads, crackers, tortillas, chips and taco shells for European and worldwide markets.

For more information please check the L. I. Frank website.

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