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Barentz Ravago Chemical Specialist


The BRCS Group is the new partnership between chemical providers Barentz and Ravago. The joint venture between these two dedicated chemical specialists brings together the most comprehensive chemical product palette, combined with full EMEA geographical coverage to the chemical industry.

Providing the right chemical materials and specialty ingredients

At the BRCS Group we are dedicated to our customers. Through our vast technical knowledge and excellent relationships with our suppliers, we are best equipped to connect our customers with the right chemical materials and specialty additives for their projects. We offer a full range of products throughout the following application areas:

  • Adhesives & Sealants
  • Coatings & Inks
  • Cleaners & Detergents
  • Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Polymer Manufacturing & Processing
  • Paper & Cardboard
  • Chemical Specialties

Full EMEA coverage with local chemical specialists

The BRCS Group is a leading and fast-growing chemical distributor with more than 60 years experience in Western Europe and a strong presence in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. BRCS is currently active in 60 countries throughout the EMEA region. Our people are highly dedicated local chemical specialists who not only know their own markets but also the challenges those markets present.

Full EMEA coverage of BRCS

Quality assurance for the chemical industry

Reach logoResponsible Care logo At the BRCS Group, quality is embedded in our company culture. Our approach towards quality is comprehensive and systematic which allows us to continually improve our services. We believe long-term, solid relationships with our customers and industrial partners provide the best measure for quality.

As part of our quality focus, we have developed and implemented a Quality Management System in line with industry standards. Throughout the supply chain, we are also actively involved in supporting our suppliers and partners to comply with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, a regulation which came into effect on 1st June 2007). REACH streamlines and improves the former legislative framework on chemicals in the European Union.

The BRCS Group also recognizes its responsibility from source to solution, from producer to customer with our commitment to the Responsible Care program. Responsible Care strives to improve health, safety, and environmental performance within the chemical industry.

For further information, please contact our BRCS Quality Service team at info@brcsgroup.com.

Give yourself the advantage

Discover how the chemical specialists of the BRCS Group can help you develop innovative products, using the top quality materials and specialty additives from manufacturers around the world.

Contact us at info@brcsgroup.com.

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