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Barentz - Your business is our business


The Barentz group has offices and teams throughout Europe and Asia. We design, source, manufacture and distribute ingredients and raw materials for food & nutrition, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and animal nutrition and chemical applications.

We work closely with our customers, principals and sourcing teams to build long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Our full service approach includes application advice, customer service, supply chain management, quality assurance and compliance support.

Our very experienced teams work closely with our two well established European Centers of Excellence, Vitablend and LI Frank, to support our customers in the development of innovative, tailor-made products, services and solutions.

Barentz’ Drive

At Barentz, we are ambitious for development and growth. We are growing by concentrating on quality, service and innovation throughout every single touchpoint within the organisation.

With our European base, we are expanding rapidly internationally. We are strengthening our presence in Asia and have established a new factory and our regional Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore in 2012.

Our aim is to become the highest quality, most cost effective sales organisation for our supply partners, the leading European distributor of food ingredients and the most innovative ingredient and raw materials supplier for our customers.

The Barentz’ way of doing business

At Barentz we work to four simple principles of how we do business and we’ve made it a business promise that all of our team work to, wherever they are in the world and wherever they are within the organisation.

  • We will always strive to deliver excellent products and exceptional service.
  • We provide solutions, not just products and services.
  • We look to provide long-term solutions by focusing on the business of both our principals and customers.
  • We will continue to build a lean, responsive business that is both pragmatic and flexible.

From Source to Solution

We have built a team of experts throughout the organisation who have real experience and a depth of knowledge in the ingredients, raw materials and production processes in the markets we address of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, animal nutrition and sourcing.

With all this expertise in-house, we are fully equipped to not only define the issue for specific customer applications, but source, supply or manufacture the best possible solutions too.

Working with, and supported by, our very own Vitablend and LI Frank Centers of Excellence, we can develop tailor-made solutions: from single ingredients to totally tailor-made blends.

Totally focused on delivering the best solutions

Everyone within the worldwide Barentz team are totally focused on delivering the perfect solution for our principals and customers.

Our sales managers, new product development (NPD), customer services, logistics, financial and quality teams are all driven and motivated by the one aim of finding the best way to support you and your long-term business aims.

It’s not a conventional way of doing business in our industry.

But it’s the Barentz way and always has been.

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